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Shomoos Service

The first phase of Shomoos in 1414 HIJRI

Shomoos was feeding the private sector manually by sending information to the private sector by fax to the relevant authorities .

The Second phase of Shamus in 1421 HIJRI

Shomoos evolved to be a service run by applications developed by the private sector who provider’s service and the data store in the National Information Center databases.

The Third phase of Shamus in 1430 HIJRI

Launching Shomoos using Web technology and delivering it to a larger segment of the private sector.

Services provided by Shomoos

Shomoos Message

Build the largest secure electronic information system that combine the private and the government sector.


Shomoos service availble for private sector for free


provide high quality management systems for the private sector linked to shomoos service systems

Service objectives

  • To create a unified database for private sector information serving all beneficiaries.
  • Facilitate the rapid exchange of information in the private sector.
  • Create a computer architecture to complete operations between different sectors.
  • Achieve the integration between private and government sector’s information.
  • Reduce the cost of installation operation and maintenance of computer systems in different sectors
  • Spreading the computer awareness in the private sector.

Targeted sectors – Shamoos service

Public Transport Companies and Offices

Transferee vehicles companies and offices

Car shops

Car rental companies and offices

Private compaounds

Internet cafes

Accommodation sector includes hotels, furnished apartments, chalets.

Gold and Jewelery Shops

Private Civil Guard Companies

Public parking area

Real estate companies and offices

Private sector companies and offices

Health & Leisure Clubs

Used furniture shops

We are proud to offer the Shomoos service

  • Accommodation units

  • Car Rental

  • Gold shops

  • Real estate offices

  • Residential compound

  • Health Clubs

  • Furniture stores

  • Auto Repairing store

  • Intertek Cafes

  • Car transport offices

  • Personnel transfer system by taxi

  • Individuals transporting system by bus inside and outside Kingdom

Our team

Abdullah Al-hashdi

Abdullah Al-hashdi

Sales and technical support

Mobile: 966509916331+ Email:
Ahmed Bazraa

Ahmed Bazraa

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966500074890+ Email:
Suleiman bin Sweileh

Suleiman bin Sweileh

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966504401240+ Email:
Mahmoud Taha

Mahmoud Taha

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966551142939+ Email:
Ibrahim Ba-Saad

Ibrahim Ba-Saad

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966558228240+ Email:
Hamad bin Mardah

Hamad bin Mardah

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966555410503+ Email:
Majed Imam

Majed Imam

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966503363400+ Email:
Atef Abad

Atef Abad

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966551038069+ Email:
Fouad Kayed

Fouad Kayed

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966503809224+ Email:
Salem Ba-Klakel

Salem Ba-Klakel

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966550820232+ Email:
Abdulrahman Ba-soudan

Abdulrahman Ba-soudan

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966508822332+ Email:
Haidar Alkaf

Haidar Alkaf

Corporate Sales Consultant

Mobile: 966534777688+ Email:

Most common questions

What private sector facilities are committed to the Shomoos service system?
  • Accommodation includes hotels, furnished apartments, chalets .
  • Car rental companies and offices.
  • Gold and Jewelry Stores.
  • Real estate companies and offices.
  • Internet cafes.
  • Private housing complexes.
  • Private civil security companies.
  • Individual transport companies and offices.
  • Public transport companies and offices.
  • Car transport companies and offices.
  • Public parking.
  • Used furniture shops.
  • Car repair shops.
  • Health and leisure clubs.
What is Shomoos official website?
What is the technical support number for the private sector?

When facing any problem, technical or administrative for the private sector, the client directs contact the support office at  Elm 8001220000 and records a technical message to be followed up and processed, the office works 24/7 .

How to register and subscribe in Shomoos services?

Registration is done in two ways:

  • For free without any costs from the establishment owner by accessing the website at .
  • Special Service: The service is optional for( 700 SR ) to the service providers after the agreement between facility owner and the service provider.
  • The company will register the customer, review the research and investigation and train the customer to use the system until the first consignment is sent from the customer’s website .
  • The customer register by himself, and then review the public security –

                search and investigation in his area, to complete the activation.

What are the Issuers of Licenses?
  • General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities.
  • Ministry of Commerce.
  • Ministry of transportation.
  • Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.
  • Housing Authority.

Communications and Information Technology Commission.

Through the registration portal … What does the Ministry of Interior number mean?

It is the record number of establishments and large companies that have a in the Ministry of Interior .And for small enterprises that doesn’t have number in the Ministry of Interior can enter the civil number of the owner.

If the customer could not register in the site, what is the solution for the registration?

The website designed very easily any user can register directly without any difficult, and if the customer finds it difficult can contact the technical support office of the Elm 8001220000.

What is the ||Premium Client||? What companies offer this service?

The service officially approved by the Public Security Department and the National Information Center, and well as Al-Elm Information Security Company, it is an optional service between the owner of facility and the service provider.

The customer service is provide:


  • Registration the owner of the institution in Shomoos after the completion of all the required documents.
  • Filling all the fields in the Shomoos according to the official documents of the subscriber.
  • A theoretical and practical training at least for one principal customer in the organization to use all system properties and extract reports.
  • Visit the security authorities to request the issuance and activation of the user name and password to the subscriber.
  • Ensure that the system works on the computer at the subscriber facility and works normally.
  • Send the first operation of the Shomoos system from the service provider with the owner of the facility.
  • Respond to the owner’s inquiries about Shomoos system and if the customer needs any technical support will forwarded to the technical support office at the Elm company 8001220000 .
What companies offer outstanding customer services?

Taqeen Independent Electronics Solutions Co. Ltd.

For more information please visit

Company official website:

Telephone: 026533334

Fax: 026531191

In the “premium service “, is it necessary for owner of the establishment to attend search and investigate?

The owner of establishment does not need to attend the search and investigation, but the representative of the company with the authorization of establishment should attend .

Is the|| SR 700 || paid to the premium customer service provider for Shomoos?

Shomoos system is free for all private establishments, this amount is optionally to who want the company to do the registration and training and follow-up instead.