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Muqeem Service

Muqeem Electronic portal allows you to connect your facility electronically to the General Directorate of Passports and provides you with services: Enable you to issue exit and return visas, extend or cancel the visa, issue final exit visa, check the updated information about your company’s sponsors, check their status and many other services. this electronic connectivity helps to increase performance, enhance efficiency, shorten the time and effort of processing transactions and visas and reduce administrative costs.

Tamm Service

A portal for the transport and automotive sectors provides easy electronic access to the databases of the General Directorate of Traffic for large and medium-sized fleets. Major car showrooms, daily and long-term leasing companies, insurance and finance companies and other companies and institutions related to the transport and automotive sector can inquire about fleet data. The cars they own or deal with, selling and buying, and updating the rules of information when passing the data of the vehicles they trade and transfer ownership. Once the completion of sales transactions, they renew their forms and determine the leader action, or the driving commissioner inside and outside the Kingdom, and enables car agencies to issue property and vehicle license immediately.

A service has been organized in the transport sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to take it to a new era characterized by professionalism and efficiency, and to maintain the time and effort of the workers in which they shorten the procedures significantly by offering different packages of participation.


Shomoos Service

Shomoos is an abbreviation for the National Tourist Information Network. The project aims to create a unified tourism database that facilitates the exchange of information and speed of access between different sectors to achieve automatic integration between the private sector and the government sector. These sectors include hotels, furnished apartments, car rental offices, gold shops and others.


Masarat Service

Advanced cloud-based service to manage vehicles efficiently, by providing tracking, monitoring and determine locations services, in addition to operating management and maintenance. As well as providing a specialized application for cars rental management, connected with Shomoos service to provide them with the necessary data. A panel of indicators and analytical reports to support the efficiency of the operations and reduce time and costs represents the entire of above.


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