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We are proud to offer a range of national products that have had a major impact at the local level

Yahajj e-Marketplace

Our Hospitality e-Marketplace will not only handle the routine tasks of marketing and reservation, it also offers extended functions in other unique areas where we lead the industry in some regions of the World.

Our Hospitality e-Marketplace provides an application written for hospitality suppliers, providers, inbound and outbound tour operators and travel wholesalers. It supports groups and FIT’s (Individual Bookings) in one integrated operational and accounting system.

  • All input and updating is completely online
  • Holds many years of booking and accounting history online
  • All reports may be viewed on screen, printed or exported directly to other applications including MS Word & Excel
  • Constant research and development, based on user input, means that the user always has the most advanced and up- to-date software available

Tamam Cars

Tamam Cars in an advanced smart On-Demand Commuting platform,  a unique electronic system for the management, operation and monitoring of passenger transport services, name “Tamam Cars”. The product provides multiple options for passengers, in terms of capacity and type and a class of cars; taxi, small cars,  medium, family, luxury, in addition to pool riding to fit the specific needs of the society, the business sector, students and others.

  • Great Features and Unique Selling Points
  • Customizable dispatching per territory
  • Multiple pricing plans per territory, per week day or hour of day
  • Multiple types of vehicles (Commercial, privately owned, public. etc.)
  • Multiple riding categories
  • Very accurate routing due to traffic information
  • Fault tolerant infrastructure
  • Designed to sustain millions of requests in peak hours
  • Everything is logged for debugging, investigation or enhancement purposes
  • Emergency “panic” button for the driver and passengers
  • Tracking facility with a third party (friends and family) to the car route “share trip route”
  • Various mode of payment.


We were the inventors and initiators of the e-Umrah concept since 1996 and in 1999 with the entry of Internet service in the Kingdom, we designed and developed the first electronic system for the Hajj, Umrah and Tourism services, which has been accomplished end of 2000. Hence, we presented the concept and the system to the Minister of Hajj and His consulting committee, who appreciated our efforts and contribution. By that time the Ministry of Hajj was in the process of legalizing Umrah services and qualifying Saudi operators, The Ministry adopted our solution to be an essential factor in qualifying these Umrah operators.
Our system and data center were utilized in Umrah season 1422H (2003) for Umrah visa processes In 1423H (2004) we provided UASP services to over 47% of the Umrah operators, circa 3,200 foreign agencies and more than 63% of the total pilgrims.
Our system and data center were utilized in Umrah season 1422H (2003) for Umrah visa processes In 1423H (2004) we provided UASP services to over 47% of the Umrah operators, circa 3,200 foreign agencies and more than 63% of the total pilgrims.

Alkawader Portal

Alkawader is a pioneering Labor Marketplace and a platform for:

  • Recruitment,
  • Employment and
  • Staff Leasing.

We offer our innovative and cost-effective one stop business solution for small and mid-size enterprises, in a seamlessly integrated software designed to reduce your on-site back office expenses, while streamlining your core functions and value addition for your clients.

Human Resources Management Made Easy

Systematic record-keeping, recruitment, attendance tracking and productivity monitoring From hiring new talent, creating goals for employees to achieve, keeping them motivated, maintaining employee records and conducting regular training sessions, these are just some of the many HR functions we offer.

The most effective way to connect leads, conversions and customer service

Using our CRM application will enhance client case management and functionality of your business model, as it integrate with all other functions, which gives you a clear perspective off all vital areas of business, while improving cost-efficiency.  Our CRMS consists of 4 basic modules, which are: Sales, Customer Service, Email Marketing and Web Forms. It allows sales people to generate leads using web forms and mass mailing tool, eventually converting them into sales opportunities and handling them.

Smart Health Cards

Staff in many business sectors, public and private, directly interacts with customers, which implies certain hygiene standards. These businesses include, but not limited to: lodgings, restaurants, barbers, catering, and food and drink processors, etc. Staff involved, as per Government regulations, must go through annual medical checkup and obtain a health certificate. These regulations apply to Saudi as well as expatriate labor. Taqneen provides a secure total solution for all the processes of encrypted non-forgeable health cards.

This solution is powerfully beneficial to:

  • Speed up ​​and automate approval processes
  • Prevent any attempt to falsify certificates
  • Ease processes for health inspectors
  • Enhance performance of health centers in less time, less efforts .

Ensure accessibility to data of associated labor and employer preventing redundancy .

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