About Taqneen

Taqneen Electronic Solutions Co., Ltd. is a Saudi limited liability company founded in 2007, derived from Labbaik, the developer and the initiator of the concept of e-government in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , And the leading integrated solutions provider for the hospitality industry since the beginning of this century. Taqneen is proud of being unique in providing academic and practical solutions for the government and the business sectors for management excellence in parallel with the development of the software to accomplish their goals in timely manner. The foundation of Taqneen is led by a group of business This approach makes Taqneen distinctive from those information technology companies, whose role is limited to the development of electronic applications based on predefined detailed documents of the requisite objectives. Therefore, IT is not our ultimate goal, but only a vehicle we exploit and utilize to help businesses achieve their executive goals. Taqneen also has specialized in e-government applications and the distribution of e-government services to support their clients in these sectors. The foundation of Taqneen is led by a group of business executives, consultants and technology specialists where the formation of its services comes in association with international corporations.


Technology for all


Our vision

Taqneen strives to remain one of the most powerful companies specializing in business development, making the most of technology for e-commerce solutions and e-government applications in Saudi Arabia.


Our Mission

  • To provide advanced, secure, practical and technical solutions that leads to total quality management.

  • To continue developing and distributing solutions based on ASP (Application Service Providers) approach

  • To consolidate a new culture of informational exchange and advanced management

  • To help our clients and partners achieve their objectives and increase their returns on investments

  • To upgrade their performance standards with integrated practical solutions in synchronization with their inspirations and ambitions.

  • Qualified staff

  • Electronic integration

  • Business Developing and Marketing

  • Raise the rates of investment return

  • Improve the performance of our partners

  • Integrated solutions for our customers


Our Expansion & Capabilities

We believe in the impact of after-sales services and the importance of direct interaction with the customers on the success of e-services, which enabled us to occupy a prominent position and motivated our expansion through the (9) nine branches across the Kingdom.
Taqneen possesses the infrastructure for launching any e-business project, as well as sophisticated expertise and qualified human resources, which enabled Taqneen to take wide confident steps in the areas of technical solutions for e-government purposes.

Thus, Taqneen has attained a leading rank in its specialization, which incentivized it to continuously innovate new solutions to maintain its position and boost its market presence.

This responsibility stimulated Taqneen to develop a schematic and integrated business methodology based on firm fundamentals of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Up-scaling the capacity of its human resources

Reinforcing customer relationship competences (CRM)

Administrative board

Kamil A. Alsaati

Kamil A. Alsaati


Mohammed Nasrat Habib

Mohammed Nasrat Habib

Assistant President of Marketing

Nabil Saif

Nabil Saif

Financial Manager

Ahmed Baglagel

Ahmed Baglagel

Sales Manager

Our works

With the great care of our government to the IT sector, we decide to establish an infrastructure capable of absorbing technological developments so that we can provide products that support our environment. We studied the market thorough analytical study, comprehensive and integrated until we arrived, to know where we are and what we want. Accordingly, our products have been prioritized and we have harnessed our capabilities to reach international standards in quality and service excellence.

The electronic government

In order to play an active role serving of our country, we have harnessed our knowledge and expertise to design and develop e-government solutions and applications and enriched them with our innovative ideas.

private sector

The private sector in our country is the largest part of the labor market and is the main incubator of the technology outputs. And because this market is a strategic objective of our products, we have focused on developing systems that serve the market requirements in the field of management and e-commerce for business sector, primary tourism and real estate. This market become a fundamental goal of our work , which is based on building a distinct base of mutual benefits and interests . We have built integrated IT systems and solutions and supported them with continuous and unique services. Our customers built bridges of trust that lead to real investment and partnership.

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